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I just had the procedure done, and am amazed that only a couple of days later you can not tell that it happened!

The only moments of discomfort came from the freezing. †Follow the post procedure instructions to a tee, and you will have no trouble at all.

I have experienced no swelling, no pain(havent even used the tylenol), and just can't believe it is so simple.

Thanks to Dr. DeBolster and his staff, this procedure could not have gone any better.


It's been a year now since my procedure.† It took me this long to go get my follow up test done...all clear.† Fantastic.††I have told friends when the subject comes up how easy it really was.† The poster while lying there is a nice touch.† I just thought of a happy place and it worked.

Thanks again and I'll be sure to send my co-horts your way via their family doc of course.


Had the procedure done in November, the anesthetic made the immediate post-operation time a breeze and my wife and I went out for lunch immediately.† Afterwards, I had to stay off of my feet and take it easy for a few days but†self employment and working at home makes that an easy thing.† We just received the all clear and all is complete.† Our family looks forward to a lifetime together without worry and are greatful for SSVC for answering all the questions we had and taking me through it all.


My vasectomy truly was so simple. From the minute I walked into the clinic to the time I left everything was explained to me and I truly felt comfortable. The recovery time was incredible, I honestly could have gone back to work the next day but I played it up for a full three day weekend mostly to support all the men out there who do not choose the So Simple Vasectomy Clinic :) I have and will continue to recommend your clinic to all the guys I know who should not have children.

Thank you,

The "So Simple" procedure makes going to the Dentist seem like cruel torture!!† It really is that simple and easy!† I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat. Really I would. This is the greatest thing since sliced bread.† And Sex is way better now too!! No worries about what might happen in 9 months hanging over the lovemaking.† Anyone that has any fear at all will be put at ease by the wonderful staff and Dr. DeBolster.† And the pain?† Childs play! REALLY!† There wasn't even that† I would call pain. Almost non-existant.Listen, I went on the recommendation of my foreman. If he can do it.. anybody can!† Keep up the good work Doc!

Millgrove, Ontario

I am one to admit I was boarderline ready to pass out at just the thought of what was going to happen down there.† Once the sedative kicked in though I was very relaxed and not even a worry in the world.† The actual procedure it self was a breeze, Dr Bolster was friendly and very funny with the whole thing.† This also made it easier to handle.† It's now three days after the procedure and I couldn't feel better, even the day of it I was feeling no discomfort at all.† So all I have to say to anyone pondering the thought of coming here, pardon the pun but get some balls and be a man.† Don't be the guy to make your wife go through it. †


† Dr. De Bolster et al,

I just wanted to take the time, albeit several months later, to thank you for the professionalism and care shown by you and your staff before, during and after my vasectomy. As I've told many of my friends, "the snip was a snap" and that I highly recomend not only the procedure but your clinic (Oakville location). They also get a kick whne I tell them that, as my wife and I drove away from the procedure, as if on cue, the first song to come on the car radio was "Feelin' Alright" by Joe Coker. I think that sums it up in a nutshell for me.

All the best and continued success in helping other patients with a decision that, despite my comments above, shoud not be taken lightly.


I can't believe the anxiety I experienced in the days leading up to my vasectomy. Breathing into a Tim Horton's bag on the way down the QEW was not necessary. Dr. De Bolster is a truly skilled and compassionate surgeon. I have already recommended him to a few friends. I was even going to call after to make sure that the procedure was done. Everything was so professional and simple. (the name really suits this practice). Get the kit with the EMLA patch and take the sedative. Hopefully your wife won't joke about the patch being 3 years expired as she hands it to you before putting it on.

I had my wife (very carefully) help with the shaving which made it a bit more tolerable. Rented 5 great movies, had some premium catering and service for 2 days. The temptation to get up and do yard work was there, but Dr. De Bolster mentioned this is where you can get into trouble. Following the post-procedure instructions is crucial. A small dull ache for 2 days ( I stress the small part) and now day 3 I am feeling fine. Now I am looking forward to the spontaneous intimacy with my wife without having to worry about birth control. (Of course after getting tested...I have a friend who didn't... he now has a son he nick-named Trout)

Thank you again to all the great people working at the So Simple Vasectomy Clinic.


I would like to thank your staff and yourself for making my visit to your office a very pleasant one. I must say at first there was a bit of anxiety on the days leading to the procedure. However that soon subsided as Dr DeBolster with his calm, relaxed manner and humour made the process fly by without a hitch.

I would strongly recommend So Simple Vasectomy to anyone who is thinking of doing this procedure.


Like most guys, when it comes to the suggestion of sharp objects and my testicles, I cringe. Nothing is "simple" when it comes to that. Having been through the procedure a couple of days ago, I have to laugh at how worried I was about it. The worst part of the whole process was the waiting and the worry.

Have your wife help you trim and shave (carefully!) and pay the money for the EMLA patch and the rest of the kit. The actual procedure is done with only Dr. De Bolster in the room and I don't think anyone has died of embarrassment yet. His calm, relaxed manner and humour makes the process fly by. The only thing I felt during the procedure was a twinge as he administered the local anesthetic (once each side). Frankly, having a cavity filled is a lot worse. The whole process took about two hours. I walked out of the clinic and drove myself home about 15 minutes after the procedure. Walking around with an icepack is a bit of fun, so wear loose pants. I used the ice for the only the first day and used the antibiotic cream and gauze for 3 days. I had no noticeable swelling, only a bit of an ache for the first two days. My wife laughed at the size of the hole and she doesn't think I am close to even to what she has gone through in multiple childbirths. I hate to admit it, but she is right, this procedure is indeed "so simple".


I had heard all the horror stories from my friends who had been "fixed" and had no interest in experiencing similar levels of discomfort that they had. I was thrilled to learn that the So Simple Vasectomy Clinic was close by and even happier to walk into a low tension environment and meet the caring and compassionate staff that work at the clinic. When I met Dr DeBolster I was immediately put at ease - his easy manner and plain talk helped me to understand both the decision and the process I was about to embark upon. There was no awkwardness in talking about the procedure or having a candid conversation about packing a bag of frozen peas on "my boys". It was like going to my mechanic and talking about my car - all business except Dr. DeBolster tells better jokes and has a lot cleaner office.

The actual procedure itself was a lot quicker than I thought it would be. I followed all the directions that were given to me and took the post-procedure instructions very seriously. I felt like I could have played a round of golf afterwards but knew that if the recovery was going to be quick and free of complications that I would have to take some ownership in the process. I kept the ice packs on afterwards as instructed but Iím not quite sure why I kept them on so long because there was very little discomfort; a dull ache for about a day but nothing I needed to medicate. It healed very well and to this day you would be hard pressed to find a sign that I had a vasectomy done. My experience was the exact polar opposite of most of the guys I knew. Granted, they didnít use the So Simple Vasectomy Clinic but I am writing this testimonial because I would and have recommended Dr. DeBolsterís services to anyone looking to have the procedure done.

Oakville, Ontario

I found that my anxiety about having a vasectomy were a million times worse than the actual procedure itself. I could not imagine that it was that easy and painless. Dr. De Bolster and his staff were efficient, helpful and professional.


Dr. DeBolster,

Last Wednesday I had the experience of the "so simple" procedure. I must say that the anxiety beforehand was completely unwarranted as my experience has been completely pain free! I followed your instructions to the letter, stayed quiet the day that the procedure took place, minimized my activity the day following (even though I felt great) and only cut the lawn. And then got back into the regular routine on day 3, exercising some caution.

Having heard of the many horror stories from friends and family, I am now telling friends the simple experience is the only experience!