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Going to So Simple Vasectomy made a very nerve wracking experience 100% better ! The staff (especially Elaine) were extremely friendly and laid back. You could literally ask them ANY question without embarrassment ! Everything was explained to you several times so there were no surprises. The procedure really was very simple and I was back on my feet the next day with only some minor discomfort. The staff continued to be supportive after the procedure was completed and willingly addressed any questions and concerns I had (and I had many!!!!!). I would very highly recommend them to anyone considering a vasectomy.


The procedure was done with zero pain and excellent discretion. Thank you.


Just wanted to thank you for a job well done! I wasn't at all nervous having my procedure done at your clinic as I had read the other testimonials prior to my appointment. Your method is Quick and Painless! I had no pain or swelling afterwards and a week or so later "everything was working fine !" I have recommended you to friends and workmates who have been a little apprehensive on "getting fixed", due to some of the horror stories they have heard. Keep up the good work!


I have to say that my vasectomy experience with Dr. DeBolster was as easy as it could possibly be. As a Physician who has observed and performed vasectomies, I chose Dr. DeBolster based on his reputation among other physicians and on the low-impact vasectomy technique that he performs. It really is as simple as it gets. This procedure healed perfectly, entirely on its own - and I was cutting the grass the very next day! His staff is discrete and professional, and I have definitely recommended him to my friends. Great job Dr. DeBolster! By the way - just got the ALL CLEAR!!!


Knowing very few people who have had a vasectomy I was very nervous about the procedure. However, after speaking with the doctor I felt very little anxiety. The procedure was very quick and virtually painless. The staff at the So Simple Vasectomy Clinic were great and I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone.

Thank you

I was a little nervous and apprehensive about having a vasectomy, however, I found this procedure to be so simple and painless that I would not hesitate to recommend this to anyone. This procedure is definitely the way to go and I cannot believe that some people choose to still go under the knife. Thanks again for making this a pleasant experience.


We just wanted to Thank You for our successful procedure. The procedure was a lot less pain than I anticipated. The staff was wonderful and the doctor sure had a sense of humor; how could you not......I will be sure to recommend So Simple Vasectomy !!!!!!! Thanks Again....whoooo hoooo


Being a nervous wreck upon arrival, the staff was very professional, courteous and accommodating. Dr. De Bolster and his staff have provided a very clean and relaxing procedure room. The procedure was very quick, painless and successful and post-operative care information was thorough and simple as he came highly recommended from a relative. I would highly recommend the services of So Simple Vasectomy.

Thank you,

My experience with So Simple was much better than any of my friends’, all of whom reported pain or side effects. They were discreet, gentle, and very quick to let me know the results. A success!


No pain, no complications, no issues. The entire process was very simple and straightforward, and seemed less invasive than visiting the dentist.

Thanks again

Thanks for making my visit to you a piece of cake. By reading the testimonials it really kept my mind at ease while I drove to the clinic and sat in the waiting room. Guys, you have nothing to worry about here. It's literally a tiny pinch for a half second and it's over in just 12 minutes with Dr. DeBolster's expertise. Just sit back and relax and enjoy this pain free vasectomy. Dr. Debolster has done over 20, 000 so he knows what he is doing. The staff at the clinic are very professional and prepare you very well for what is happening and what you need to do after. I drove myself there and back with no problem at all. Word to the wise: Your jock strap and the icepack will be your best friend for the 48 hours after your procedure.Thank-you Dr. DeBolster and staff

I would like to thank "So Simple Vasectomy". Your team was so professional before, during and after the procedure. The surgery was painless, "simple" and fast. During the days after the procedure I felt no pain; this really surprised me.


Dr. Debolster and Staff:

I just wanted to write a short note thanking you for your professionalism regarding my recent 'procedure'. You and your team were excellent to deal with throughout the process and clearly outlined all of the pros and cons so that my wife and I could make an informed decision and put my mind at ease. The procedure itself was virtually pain-free (as hard as that is to believe). I even drove myself home.

To any guys out there that are 'on the fence': If you and your wife are looking for permanent birth control, then you should definitely be seeking out Dr. Debolster and the So Simple Clinic. Don't make your Mrs. go through the agony of having her 'tubes tied', when you will be in and out of the clinic very quickly!

Milton, ON

I was a little nervous and apprehensive about having a vasectomy, however, I found this procedure to be so simple and painless that I would not hesitate to recommend this to anyone. This procedure is definitely the way to go and I cannot believe that some people choose to still go under the knife.

Thanks again for making this a pleasant experience.


My wife and I made the decision after our 2nd child to have a vasectomy. Dr Len DeBolster was referred to me by my family physician. Not knowing much about what the procedure entails, I was very nervous to say the least.

My first appointment was a consultation with Dr DeBolster and I must say after all he has explained in the initial consultation, I still had my doubts.

On the day of my appointment I was very impressed and absolutely pleased with the overall results, no pain or uncomfortable feeling. The name "So Simple Vasectomy" says it all, I was nervous and worried about absolutely nothing.

To all who are about to undergo this procedure....you have NOTHING to worry about, Dr DeBolster and his staff are very professional! Believe them when they say "don't be nervous".

Thank you Dr Debolster and staff for making this procedure seem absolutely seamless. JS

At 52 years old, it was time to do without contraceptives. So, after some thought I opted for getting a vasectomy. My doctor recommended Dr. DeBolster's clinic. The staff is very professional, helpful and knowledgeable. Dr. DeBolster was totally cool and, after the initial appointment, I knew I was coming to the right place.

The day of the actual procedure I was a little nervous, as expected. Much to my surprise, everything was done much more quickly than expected.

Today I got the ALL CLEAR...!

Thanks to all,
C.T. - Mississauga

The procedure was simple and while there was a little discomfort, there was no pain at all. Pain killers were not needed except for the additional patch. Keeping an ice pack in my pants for a couple of days and dropping off a sample at the lab were the hardest parts of the whole procedure.

Chris B.

If you want your wife to believe you've made some sort of manly sacrifice for her, and endured unbearable pain and suffering only to rescue her from the painful and complicated alternative, female procedures, then .........don't let her find out about So Simple Vasectomy Clinic, cuz I don't think you'll find a So Simple patient who's able to look you in the eye and tell you, without smiling, that anything more than VERY slight, and VERY short term discomfort occurred. This clinic - this procedure is the only way to go!

I have never been made to feel more comfortable, cared about or better informed by people in the health care industry. Twenty minute procedure one day - followed by two days of relaxation (with TV remote in hand) - then business as usual (okay, ..no impact sports until the following week - big deal!).

Tried to milk the two days of relaxation into a week, but someone had leaked knowledge about So Simple to my wife ...........

Thanks Len! - Thanks Elaine!


The staff at the So Simple Vasectomy Clinic were extremely professional and put me at ease immediately. At no time did I ever feel nervous or awkward. The procedure itself was very easy and there was little discomfort. The hard part was making the decision and building up to the procedure. The reality is that the procedure is far simpler than the mental build up I had. If I could, I would tell others that it's a very simple procedure and not to dwell on it too much. Just book your appointment and let the staff do the rest!


I would definitely recommend the procedure at the So Simple Vasectomy Clinic. Dr. Len and his staff are very professional to deal with. Everything was well explained ahead of time in the level of detail that was comfortable for the patient. The same goes with the procedure itself. I was the type that wanted the procedure to be over with quickly. Dr. Len and I actually talked about golf during the procedure and before I knew it, it was done. I highly recommend also heeding his advice about resting for two days afterwards. It made the recovery much quicker than for those who didn't rest.


Ok so I had the procedure a few hours ago and I am still waiting for the suffering... if this is it then I am a very satisfied patient. I appreciated all that was done to put me at ease and make me comfortable. I suggest this procedure and the Staff at So Simple Vasectomy Clinic to any and all who are considering getting it done. If you are the least bit afraid of getting it done then you better go to Doctor DeBolster because it is almost pain free.

Thank you so very much!

I just got my ALL CLEAR e-mail, and I want to thank you for an all around positive experience. Your staff is amazing, and I felt no pain whatsoever during the procedure and virtually none during recovery.  I had the procedure done on a Friday, and by Monday, I was back in the office with no discomfort at all. Thanks for a great job!


Deciding on a vasectomy is no simple matter and neither is the choice of where to have the procedure done. I can now say that not only am I pleased that I decided to have a vasectomy, but I am very pleased that I had the procedure done at So Simple Vasectomy. The experience before, during, and after the operation was very professional and surprisingly, well, simple. I would like to thank the people at So Simple Vasectomy and would recommend your service to anyone who is ready for such a step in their life.


It was a simple and quick procedure and I am very happy that I chose this clinic for the procedure. Thanks.


Thanks to Dr DeBolster and his excellent team at the So Simple Vasectomy clinic. The helpful and friendly team took away all my anxiety, and the procedure itself proved to be as described- "So Simple"!
Great advice on recovery, and I was back to my normal active lifestyle in just a few days.


I would like to thank everyone at the So Simple Vasectomy Clinic. Before I had the procedure done, I spoke to some of my co-workers who had already gone through it. They spoke about getting all worked up about it only to realize that it was not so bad. Believe it or not, it hurts more to get a needle in the gums than it did down there... Its true!! I will gladly recommend Dr. De Bolster and his staff to anyone who is thinking about having this procedure done.


Thank you so much for the professionalism shown to me regarding my procedure in July.  The atmosphere at your office is very clean, quiet, and professional. Everyone there was always smiling and very helpful. Dr. DeBolster was friendly, open, and extremely professional. The procedure itself was surprisingly quick and relatively painless for me... just a bit of discomfort. I was able to walk out unassisted within 20 minutes of the surgery and did not need any painkillers.  I did my follow-up test 12 weeks later as instructed, and we are very pleased with the CLEAR results!  Thank you again!!


The procedure itself was totally painless and not at all uncomfortable in any way, much to my surprise. Recovery was a couple of days with little discomfort. I have already referred a friend!


I’ve heard several different stories from friends regarding their experience with their vasectomy procedure, some okay, some not so okay. I must say that my experience with So Simple from start to finish was very pleasant. Their orientation was very smooth and informative, the procedure was quick and painless, and, after following their recovery instructions, my recovery was short, uneventful, and pain free.

Thanks So Simple for making it “so simple”!

Dave S.

First of all, thanks to everyone I met at SSVC.  I am not a good patient (ask my dentist!), but your professionalism made this an easy and effortless event in my life.  Any future clients with doubts should take a moment to read this testimony and understand that there is nothing at all to be concerned about.  Just a 'little pinch' or two and you're done.

The take home pamphlet is a beauty, I watched more hockey in one week than I have in years!  Thanks again,


Well, I must say I'm quite satisfied with all the positive results and the comfort I was in post-procedure.  I almost felt guilty taking the time off of work because I felt virtually no discomfort, but I still held back from the physical stuff for the prescribed amount of time.  I recommend this procedure to any man! It's a lot less invasive than having your brides go through all that extra procedure to have her tubes tied.


I would like to thank Dr. DeBolster & his staff for their care & professionalism. I was amazed at how quick, and, virtually painless the procedure was. The pain following the procedure was almost non-existent. I will be recommending this procedure to all my friends who are considering vasectomy. Thanks again!


Before deciding to take the procedure, I heard a lot of negative information from my friends regarding the procedure/healing process and effect of the vasectomy on sexual life. One of the negative points was that the procedure is painful and takes a lot of time to heal. But, what I experienced with SSVC was that is just normal day for me. When I had the procedure, the pain was not what I had expected. It is less than taking a shot. Regarding the negative effect on my sex life, I don't experience any difference. It seems I'm more active at this time, and having the report that ALL CLEAR, it will provide more confidence and nothing to worry anymore. Thanks a lot and more power to SSVC.


Had the procedure on Wednesday morning ,and I am thinking of playing hockey tonight (Friday)...

I am not going to play just to be sure, but have no pain and no swelling whatsoever!

The staff and Dr DeBolster were all fantastic and made me feel totally comfortable.


Just a short note to express my appreciation for my positive experience with your clinic. In September of 2008, I nervously went for my consultation for a vasectomy. Like any man, the mere thought of the procedure was enough to bring beads of sweat to my brow. However, I found my experience at the "So Simple Vasectomy" Clinic to be quite painless (quite literally). I had heard of bad experiences with complications from a number of friends of mine (from other clinics or hospital based practices). Fortunately, from start to finish, my experience was extremely positive. I had no pain during the procedure and extremely minimal discomfort following. In fact, I was back playing hockey within 6 days and went on a weekend mountain biking trip a week later with no negative effects. Thank you very much for a great experience. All the best to the entire staff.

Best regards,

The operation was painless, effective and incredibly easy to go through. Thanks doc!

Kindest Regards,

I usually never give these kinds of testimonials but I had my vasectomy done today (about 3 hours ago) and I was so impressed with the entire staff of the Clinic that I had to write a positive testimonial immediately. I was terrified going into the procedure. Jill was terrific in making me feel at ease as was Dr. De Bolster. They were incredibly sensitive, making sure I was feeling comfortable my entire stay. It was over before I knew it. No pain, no issues, no fuss. Just felt a bit silly being so worked up over what turned out to be nothing really. The whole thing took less than 20 minutes. I was driving myself home in less than an hour of getting there. I recommend Dr. De Bolster and his team to ANYONE considering having a vasectomy. He is a wonderful Doctor, and Jill is a wonderful nurse. Keep up the outstanding work guys.


The procedure was EXACTLY as indicated in the name of the clinic - SO Simple (So simple you could do it YOURSELF!!!...well, maybe not).

I arrived at 9:00 am and was driving home by 10:30 AM. The actual procedure lasted about 15 minutes (which involved just lying there and chatting with Dr. DeBolster) and upon completion I immediately walked back to the recovery room and was surprised to not feel any discomfort whatsoever. There was very little pain (if any) after the procedure and that only lasted about a day, although I still felt I could go to the gym!! (But like a good boy I followed instructions and didn't). There was very little swelling and I even had a tough time trying to find the incision!

I would recommend the SSVC in a heartbeat - the staff was very professional and the consultation was thorough. Great work!

Gotta go...just got my "All Clear"!!!!


I just wanted to share my experience at your clinic with the rest of the men out there who are thinking of having this procedure done. First off, let's just say that I was "a bit nervous" going into this as I wasn't sure what to expect. After speaking to a few friends who've had it done, their stories ranged from being sore for a few days to almost passing out after the procedure!

As I sit here now, three months after my procedure, I can't help but think "what the heck were they talking about? Were they serious?" My experience was really "so simple". Not only was it totally painless during the procedure but afterwards as well. I did not feel any discomfort whatsoever and did not really need to ice it "down there" at all. This is all due to the amazing technique at your clinic!

Again, my thanks to Dr. De Bolster and team for an amazing job well done!


For anyone worried about having a vasectomy, please consider the So Simple Vasectomy Clinic. Dr DeBolster and his entire staff were fantastic. The procedure was quick, easy and no pain whatsoever. Guys this is very simple. I wish I would have done this sooner!!!


Thanks SSVC! The whole procedure was pretty much painless, just a few seconds of discomfort. We have 3 kids and now we don’t have to worry about any surprises. I have told many friends that are thinking about vasectomies about your clinic. You guys are awesome!


I must say initially I was very apprehensive about the procedure, when it was all said and done I as well as my fiancee were amazed at the fact that I was not in pain and did not have any swelling what so ever. I needed 2 test to finally confirm the procedure was successful, my little swimmers just did not want to give up I guess. I would recommend your clinic to anyone contemplating this procedure
Regards, Yvon

I had my Vasectomy performed by Dr.DeBolster on Friday Nov. 14th. Weeks of anxiety for nothing. When you arrive they give you a patch to apply to numb the area. The procedure was virtually painless, 20 minutes and it was all over. Post op pain has been minimal. I haven't even had to take an Advil.The entire staff were super friendly and very professional. If you're thinking about having this done, trust me this is the place to go. Thanks to everyone at the clinic.
Scott, Burlington, ON

Thank you to all the staff at SSVC. They made me feel like the procedure was a piece of cake and it was. Dr. DeBolster was very professional and made me feel at ease. (By the way, I’m glad Dr. DeBolster found his glasses.)

I was very nervous going in since I do not like hospitals, blood or anything like that. I wanted to be knocked out and then let me know when it was over. It was not at all what I was expecting. The clinic was very professional and very helpful all the way thru the process. I had no problems at all and I followed their procedures for icing after. Not an issue at all and I would do it again with no hesitation. Hey, guys !!! Piece of cake. Thank you!

Just received my "all clear" e-mail from the So Simple Clinic, and I couldn't be happier!  Not that I had any doubts about the result, as all the people working at the clinic were nothing but helpful, well informed, polite and professional throughout the entire process.  Follow the simple instructions (for both before and after the procedure), enjoy getting your 'numbers' for ejaculations afterwards, and submit your test to the lab. It's really as easy as that.  The hardest part of the entire process will be waiting for YOUR "all clear" e-mail to arrive!  My wife and I have celebrating to do, and LOTS of it. Thanks SSVC.
Sean, Hamilton

It was a breeze, nothing to it.  Doc Debolster is very cognizant of a man's apprehension thus...The So Simple Vasectomy Clinic!  With 3 beautiful children at home, it was the right place, the right time for us.  Thank you for everything.

Several people I know have been to So Simple Vasectomy Clinic so I felt comfortable having the procedure done by Dr. DeBolster. The procedure was over in a few minutes and was painless. I took a couple of days to rest and then felt fine to resume my normal activites. I will certainly recommend So Simple Vasectomy Clinic.

Going in I had heard all the usual stories about having the procedure done - from the "piece of cake" to "horror show".  Well my story would be the better of these two. I was not worried at all going in and after having it done, I am happy to say it was even easier than I anticipated.  Little to no discomfort and back playing hockey (as a goaltender no less) in just 2 days (not EXACTLY what was recommended but still no discomfort at all).  Anyone who asks me will about having the procedure done by Dr.Debolster will definately get the "piece of cake" story. Thanks for the fantastic care at your clinic.

Thanks for a simple and smooth procedure. As a happy customer I would recomend your clinic to anyone for this procedure.    

Thanks to the Doctor and the entire staff at SSVC. For days following the procedure I was waiting for the pain to kick in and it never happened. I was amazed at how simple and painless the whole procedure was. I have a few friends who have been considering getting a vasectomy and after hearing my experience at SSVC they've already booked appointments!!  Thanks again.
Regards, Dave

Staff was great; very friendly and helpful.  Overall, the procedure was better than I expected. I have had worse experiences in a dental chair!

I just wanted to say thank you to Dr. DeBolster and to all of the staff at the So Simple Vasectomy Clinic. Your professionalism and care helped set my mind at ease and made what could be a difficult and challenging situation as enjoyable as possible. I am now most definitely convinced that I made the correct decisions both in having the procedure and in the clinic and doctor to provide the service.
Yours in health,

I can't believe I worry so much over nothing.   No problems other than a small amount discomfort for a few days post procedure. 

There was no need for any anxiety.  The procedure was pain free. 

Discomfort? There wasn't any! No tranquilizers, only local freezing - totally comfortable. It was less than mosquito bite.  Dr. DeBolster and his employees are clean and courteous; the whole event was quick and truly SIMPLE!
Thanks, Terrance

I just had the procedure done 4 days ago. It was exactly as it had been explained to me in the consultation.   The pain and discomfort was minimal thanks to Dr. DeBolster's skill. The staff was wonderful and professional.   I had been told by all my friends who have had it done to expect some swelling, "one the size of an orange, and the other one really swollen."  They obviously had it done at another clinic.  I can say, in my case, no swelling at all.  I had a little discomfort the day after, but didn't even need the Advil.  I'm back to work at the office 4 days after.  I highly recommend the "So Simple Clinic" to anyone who's thinking about family planning.
Regards, Joe