Dr. Len DeBolster is a family physician who has been practicing in the Mississauga/Oakville community for the past 25 years. Vasectomies have been a significant part of his practice during this time. In 2003, he relocated his practice to Oakville Family Health Centre and opened a surgical suite to accommodate the So Simple Vasectomy Clinic. In the year 2000, Dr. DeBolster began performing vasectomies using the No-Scalpel technique and has since completed more than 10,000 vasectomy procedures.

Dr. De Bolster is a member in good standing with the Canadian Medical Association, the Ontario Medical Association, and the Canadian College of Family Physicians. As well, he currently holds medical privileges at the Credit Valley Hospital in Mississauga.

Dr. DeBolster is assisted at the clinic by his capable and professional staff. Elaine is the contact person who books appointments and welcomes you to the clinic. Gillian, Claudia, and Anshh work as Dr. DeBolster's assistants preparing you for your procedure. They serve to make your clinic experience professional, courteous and simple.